Friday, 26 August 2016


Pictures collected over time from Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest.

Guuuys, in the last couple of weeks I have learnt a terrible truth - you have got to learn to drop people with no warning. We are getting too old to have to explain to someone what they already know they are doing wrong. I have also stopped treating myself like an after thought. I am eating delicious food. Walking in the sunshine. Saying the truth that I am carrying in my heart. I am being silly, weird & DARING - there is no time for anything else.

I have also set a bucket list of things to get done before a certain deadline. And let me tell you - this deadline is an aggressive one, but New Year's Resolutions never worked for me, so - a big big "thank you" to the events in my life that have triggered me to start crossing all of the bullet points off my list.

Some things are tiny and are easily achieved - all I'll need is time to get them done. Some are big & require a lot of work, dedication, persistence & enthusiasm; and others are just a bit scary & require a little bit more thought. 

Getting another 2-3 tattoos is on my list - I already have 2, but want mooore. I am really into tiny tattoos on different parts of my body & so I have been collecting various pictures for inspirations & thought it would be a good idea to put them on "paper" & have them here as an additional reminder that my deadline is approaching fast & I am nowhere near knowing what tattoo I want to get.
Make a choice guuurl, & just go for it....

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  1. New year resolutions have never worked for me too. But i find that setting monthly resolutions work for me. Each monthend i seat down and set resolutions for the next month and assess my goals for the previous month. That way i can track my progress during the course of the year. So far this year it has been working and i cant even begin to describe the progress i have made.

    I have been also thinking about getting a tattoo for the longest time. I am just not sure which type of a tattoo lol.