Sunday, 30 October 2016

LFW SEP 2016..a bit late, heh?

The plan this September was to go to London for London Fashion Week to get inspired, to get new content for my feel alive & basically to get a kick in the start doing what I want/dream to be doing & dropping everything else. Unfortunately, this trip had an opposite effect on me. I was so overwhelmed with beautiful places, experiences, people, clothes..that after I came back to Dublin I fell into "creative block". Hence the D E L A Y in posting these photos. Since I returned back home, I have been trying to stir up all of my ideas & ambitions by going to multiple fashion events, I even enrolled into Dublin Institute of Design to do a Fashion Styling course, but it feels almost impossible to get back into the swing of things. I do blame anxiety, self-consciousness & social awkwardness for a large chunk of my "laziness". So in attempt to rebel all of this, I am still going to post this, no matter how ridiculous it will look....

Kicking my way out of here, I'm done.

And guys, oversized denim jackets, mini backpacks, maxi tea dresses, sheer tops, culottes are (insert praise hands emoji here).....

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  1. love this, every shot, every outfit, you're killing it.